Bioscience Vaccines is an early stage life science company commercializing a novel adjuvant technology to improve the safety and effectiveness of vaccine products.  

Bioscience Vaccines’ proprietary Matrix Immune Modulator™ uses an FDA approved technology currently marketed for medical device applications. In the last 10 years, the Matrix Immune Modulator material has been safely used in over 2 million patients without product recalls or adverse side effects. Testing in bench and animal models has shown that, when used as an adjuvant, Bioscience Vaccines’ Matrix Immune Modulator can substantially increase the effectiveness of vaccines.  

Bioscience Vaccines’ Matrix Immune Modulator technology is based on an abundant, naturally occurring biomaterial that is cost efficient to produce. The Matrix Immune Modulator boosts the immune response to vaccines consequently decreasing the required amount of the active component (antigen) that is required in each vaccination. As the U.S. President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) recognizes, “the number of doses of killed virus vaccine can be increased two- to ten-fold when an adjuvanted vaccine is used.”  By using Matrix Immune Modulator as an adjuvant, the availability of vaccines will increase and the cost of each inoculation will decrease.

Matrix Immune Modulator offers a superior adjuvant to other technologies. The Matrix Immune Modulator:
·  Is robust and shelf stable for at least 18 months without refrigeration
·  Is not limited to specific classes of antigens or immune responses
·  Is effective without a need to combine it with other materials  
·  Does not result in local (injection site) reactions
·  Currently available in 3 different formulations (MIM90, MIM150, and MIM250)
·  Can be produced easily in a cost efficient manner

The need for increased vaccine production is a combination of three primary drivers:  
·  Global mobilization of populations accerlating the spread of contagious diseases higher rates
·  Threats of attacks on populations using bio-warfare leaving civilizations at risk
·  The awareness and concern of public health problems in emerging and developing countries.

New vaccines are emerging that have the potential to be billion-dollar product lines as stand-alone products. The prophylactic vaccine market was $22 billion in 2009 and estimated to increase at a compound annual rate of 9.7% over the next 5 years (Kolorama, 2010). The forecasted annual market revenue for vaccine adjuvant products like Bioscience Vaccines, Inc.'s MIM is estimated to be in excess of $2 billion. With proof-of-concept testing and advanced manufacturing agreements finalized, Bioscience Vaccines, Inc. is well positioned to be a provider of this key component for both existing and emerging vaccine markets.

Optimization of our MIM technology for use in vaccine products targeting infectious diseases and biodefense.

Establish and build commercial leverage through partnering and sublicensing with strategic partners.